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FESTOON (verb; noun)

to hang a chain or garland as a decoration or adornment;

a carved, molded, or painted ornament representing a decorative chain.

I am Kate: a mama, wife, and lover of great aesthetics + design. 


To me, baking is about honoring seasons + evoking magic. And few things illuminate celebrations or spark joy in the people around you like a delicious, personally crafted, elegantly designed cookie or cake.

My penchant for appealing treats surfaced early, as early photos of me posing proudly beside my decorated cakes attest. After a Christmas cookie spree years ago, I was hooked on this decorative craft and found every occasion to share it. I have spent endless hours honing techniques and marking too many babes, brides, birthdays, holidays, friendships, milestones + accomplishments to count with my creations. 


My baking affection + supplies have traveled from the SF Bay Area to Washington DC, Tel Aviv, and Cairo.


Festoon Baking Co. now operates as a home-based small business in Cairo, Egypt

where I currently reside with my husband + two littles (the best creations of all). 

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