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Handpainted cookies are, by nature, beautifully tailored to absolutely any theme, interest or occasion. 

Shapes, colors, designs and messages of all varieties are possible. Contact me to discuss your desires!



  • vanilla-almond (our gold standard!)

  • chewy gingerbread (egg-free)

  • chocolate

  • gluten-free sugar


Except where noted, cookies contain eggs, gluten + possible traces of nuts.  They are not prepared in a kosher or gluten-free kitchen.


Unless specified, cookies will be in heat sealed packaging.


The following can be added: ​

  • Favor with ribbon or custom label | 50 cents

  • Cookie pops | 50 cents

  • Window gift box | $5 per dozen


Decorating cookies to perfection takes quite a lot of time, reflected in their pricing. Cost varies by cookie size, number of colors, and detail of the design. Minimum of one dozen.


Contact me to discuss your budget and desires, and I will propose a personal quote and designs.


General pricing guidelines, per cookie: 

  • $2.50+

    • Small sized (<2 inches) cookies 

    • 1-2 colors

  • $3.50+

    • Medium sized (2-3 inches) or a combo

    • Range of complexity in designs.  

    • 3 colors

  • $4.50+

    • Large sized (3+ inches)

    • Complex designs (including characters + logos)

    • 4+ colors


We can also create delightfully coordinating celebration cakes, cupcakes, cake toppers + party decor to make your celebration shine.

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