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The mountainous Kavre District of Nepal lies 30 km SE of Kathmandu. On April 25, 2015 nearly all of its villages lost people and a majority of the homes and structures crumbled. 

To date, they have not received official aid of any kind.


During May & June 2015, 100% of Festoon Baking's proceeds went to delivering life-saving food directly to villagers in the Kavre District of Nepal.


Many villagers in Kavre are farm laborers who lack financial reserves to sustain themselves having lost their houses, belongings, livestock, stored food supplies, and loved ones. In desperate need of food and basic resources, they also face the threat of impending monsoons and disease, and the long road of rebuilding their lives. They are Kavre's most vulnerable people. 


Sinora, our dear friend, is Nepali. Her aunt Yogita comes from Kavre, where many of her relatives still live. She is a trusted resource who knows the region intimately. Yogita is deeply committed to personally delivering aid to residents of Kavre, and will continually assess which villages and communities are in greatest need.


Between May 1-3, 2015, 0ur community of diplomats, corporate expats, Indians and local Israelis collectively donated 125 kilograms of much-needed clothing, food, diapers, candles, matches, towels, blankets, and more for these villagers. It was prepared for cargo shipment from Tel Aviv on May 3, and will be transported to the villages of Anaikot and Hokshe upon its arrival in Kathmandu.  With extremely generous financial contributions raised among Israelis and expats in our community during that time, Yogita has already taken two large truckloads of food and supplies (rice, peas, biscuits, salt, and cooking oil) to the poorest villagers of Anaikot and Hokshe.  She was greeted with astounded relief and gratitude.


With our financial support, she will continue making deliveries food directly to the villages. 


Photos taken by Yogita Bajagain and her family while delivering food to Anaikot and Hokshe villages in the Kavre District, Nepal in May 2015.